Delegate Tasks To Skilled Remote Teams

Werkit sources skilled, industrious talent that is capable of handling the unique tools and tasks of your project.

Quality Assured

Werkit talent is vetted to insure that their work quality will meet the high standard we expect from our teams. There is no need to worry about sacrificing quality when your work is going into the hands of highly skilled talent with industry specific expertise and experience.

Fast & Reliable

Efficient communications and success are intrinsically related, and Werkit provides you with a rarity: a flexible and devoted team that is willing to work with your schedule and unique process. We are accessible and personable – always prepared to answer inquiries and keep you up to date on projects.

Flexible & Personal

Werkit makes scaling growth quickly easy. We work fast to identify your needs and create a custom tailored plan that will deliver results in a timely fashion. We handle the training and managing of work teams as well as actively track and evaluate the progress for you. Werkit makes transparency and efficiency in the workflow a priority.

Access top talent in Africa

We ensure that our talent pool has the right competency skill-set for any task at hand.
We are a data-driven company and will evaluate your technical and cultural needs to match you with the right talent.
We also provide our talent with everything they need to work—remotely and securely.

Esmada S.
BSc Software Engineering.
Skills: coding, transcribing
Future software developer and musician

Harry B.
Information Systems Specialist
+5 years experience working with qualitative and quantitative research
transcribing, design analysis, and communication

A growing pool of talent

The African continent, is poised to welcome millions of new additions to the job market. We are working on stimulating the creation of high-quality jobs.

Recognized for our efforts

Our project was recognized as enabling the access to remote digital jobs in Zambia, as well as provides digital banking services, skill advancement assistance and a virtual community of support, in order to address solutions during the impact of COVID-19 on unemployment rates and low wages experienced by the Sub-Saharan youth.

Smart City Expo World Congress
Covid-19 Innovation Award


Problem solving for even the most perplexing projects you have.

All you need to do in order to augment your success is contact us, let us do what we do best, and relax.