For anything you need to help your startup flourish: just assign tasks to your remote worforce by sending an email and our dedicated on-demand teams will handle it for you.

We build teams so you can focus on your core innovation.

So much to do, so little time

Werkit will support you through your next growth phase by handling the operations so you can focus on building your business instead.
Delegate tasks to someone who quickly understands
Interns are great until you have to train them. Why not delegate business tasks to our workforce instead? Werkit can take over like an internal operations assistant would, doing paper pushing, agenda managing or even copywriting.
No commitment
You can start your services without an upfront cost and end them when you desire. We were a startup too, so we understand your limitations and where you need the most help.
Helping you scale
We work with start-ups that are looking to scale. When your startup has more to do than time allows, you can assign tasks to highly qualified personnel.
Relieve your stress, and breathe
Send us your requests and we will assign, prepare and handle them asap.

Startup kit

A dedicated on-demand team ready for any task you want to delegate to help you start.

Trusted by Vade

Vade has trusted our experts for image annotation and text validation using our remote assistants for startups.

“Throughout our project, the Werkit team handled a variety of scope adjustments on very short-notice. They communicated promptly and were exceedingly accommodating and understanding of our business goals, which led to a great partnership that I look forward to continuing.”
— Matty Schaefer. CEO, Vade Group

Werkit and breathe

Werkit is helping companies be leaner, faster and more accurate.
Leave us your details so we can explain how to start delegating your tasks.