Access thousands of verified and trusted individuals trained in
Data Processing, AI Automation, Annotation, and other tasks with experience in
remote work to help you launch faster with better-quality AI models.

We do the sourcing and training so you can focus on core tasks.

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Language-based AI

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For projects with over 100 people: a scalable team that delivers results fast.
Large corpus but inaccurate
When you can’t find a large corpus for machine learning or the one you did find still doesn’t offer the accuracy required for your AI Services.
The cost of building your own datasets
You’re doubting if you should adapt your algorithm, edit existing datasets or build your own training data from scratch because of the large manpower and increasing overhead costs for your project.

Self-Managed Crowds

A workforce that helps lower the cost of building and training your own datasets.

Building AI training data
We deal with the tedious parts (sourcing, sourcing, training) and prepare teams to handle text annotation, data training and image labeling for your machine learning AI model.
Labelled for your machine learning needs
From annotated data and data labelling to semantic segmentation. Werkit’s remote workforce will help you to build useful training datasets so your AI services can offer higher accuracy.

Trusted by Verbit

Verbit has trusted our experts for audio transcription, text annotation and text validation.

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