Community moderation services: A complex problem with a simple solution?

When was the last time you heard about a company that was admired for the quality of its community moderation services? There’s a good chance your answer is never. Most people don’t pay much attention to community moderation until something goes wrong … and then it’s all people talk about. Poor moderation can leave you with an angry user base, a tarnished brand reputation and a lot of embarrassing explaining to do. So there’s no question moderation is critical to the success of an online business. 

But how can growing companies manage the complex business of moderating a community without spending a fortune or wasting valuable time and resources? Outsourcing your community moderation can be a highly effective and affordable way to address the challenge. However, not all outsourcing services will provide the quality and consistency of the service you need. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most important qualities of an outsourced community moderation solution. 

Industry knowledge and real-world experience 

Without outsourcing, you need in-house moderation resources. That means diverting your current team’s attention to the tedious and time-consuming – but critical – work of moderation. Alternatively, you can hire and train dedicated moderators; a complex, time-consuming and expensive process.

Outsourcing resolves the problem, but only if your outsourced talent already possesses the skills and experience to effectively manage your moderation challenges.

After all, if you need to train outsourced workers, the cost may outweigh the benefit.

Consistent, reliable and available

Your users don’t keep to office hours. Your content moderation can’t afford to, either. If you want moderation that’s both seamless and effective, you need a moderation team that’s on the job whenever you need them to be. 

Complying with compliance

Moderation isn’t just about keeping your community happy and protected. There are often local rules about what kind of content is permitted. 

Your moderation team has to be well-versed on all the relevant local regulations in every market you operate in. And they need to adapt their response according to the country-specific criteria you set.

Social sensitivity 

Successful community moderation is all about balance. On the one hand, your company will have a clear set of community guidelines. Plus there are local rules and norms to consider. On the other hand, content needs to be considered in context. Moderators need to be able to distinguish literal meaning from irony, plus a host of other ambiguous language use cases.

These are skilled tasks that require a high degree of cultural knowledge and sensitivity to the nuances of language. 

Scale as you grow

As your business scales, you need access to skilled, qualified workers. And that means your outsourced moderation provider needs to be able to supply the right talent for the job(not sure this blog is the relevant one to link), whenever you require.

To achieve flexibility and scalability, it pays to choose an outsourced provider that can provide additional quality talent – with the tools and training to work effectively – to meet your growing demand.

The Werkit way

Werkit provides skilled virtual teams to businesses that want to launch their products more efficiently, scale up more effectively and free their in-house team to focus on their core roles. 

We identify the right talent for each specific job, and provide the training and latest technology they need to perform consistently and effectively. And as our clients’ demand grows, we are able to provide additional resources to meet their needs. 

Werkit’s self-managed remote teams are comprised of driven, experienced and skilled workers who can hit the ground running. 

Werkit also provides managed teams to companies that need skilled talent to manage complex projects.

Get in touch with Werkit to learn more about which outsourced solution is best for your business. From community moderation to machine learning data training, we match the perfect talent to the job. 

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