Online moderation services: Is accuracy really possible at scale?

Online content moderation has traditionally involved a trade-off between scale and accuracy. In principle, you could dedicate hours to every task, with layers of oversight. In the reality of the internet age, moderation needs to be as fast and as seamless as possible. However, more speed tends to mean more errors. 

But what if you could distribute the workload to a team of skilled moderators? An outsourced workforce is an obvious solution to many companies’ moderation needs. But outsourced online moderation services can provide much more than speed and cost-saving. 

Let’s take a closer look into the benefits of a quality outsourced moderation solution. 

Efficiency gains

Let’s start with one of the obvious benefits of outsourcing online moderation services. First, there’s the vital time-saving element. 

Content moderation is a painfully time-consuming activity with little productive value. But it needs to be done, and it needs to be done correctly. The question is: can you afford to waste your in-house team’s time spending countless hours on repetitive moderation work? For most businesses, the answer is obviously not. 

Second, there’s the question of cost. Every moment your core team spends on moderation isn’t simply a frustrating waste of time, it’s an enormous opportunity cost. However, recruiting and training an in-house online moderation team is also enormously expensive. 

By contrast, outsourcing is no longer limited to any single geographic region. So you can hire the right talent for the job at a considerably lower cost. 

It’s good for the bottom line – and it’s good for morale. Freeing your team to focus on what they’re passionate about, and saving them from drudge work, is one of the best ways to retain and nurture your top talent.

The right skills for the job

Outsourcing doesn’t simply save you the cost and effort of training in-house moderators. The best outsourced talent is highly trained in the latest moderation protocols and uses the most appropriate technology for the job.

Of course, not all outsourced solutions offer the same degree of reliability. It’s why training and ongoing skills development is a priority at Werkit. Our self-managed remote talent and managed teams receive the training, technology, and support they need to provide the highest level of service. 

Building a more resilient moderation team

Online moderation never stops. What happens when your in-house moderation team is stretched beyond capacity? Do you halt operations or compromise on the quality of your service?

A quality outsourced solution ensures you always have enough talent to meet demand. That’s because recruitment is done by industry experts who have access to a deep pool of skilled talent. In addition, competitive rates mean you can afford to invest in more capacity. And that also means you can scale up quickly as your business grows. 

Machine learning moderation 

Human intervention is a proven, effective and adaptable approach to content moderation. But what if there was an even more efficient way to manage the process? Some businesses are experimenting with cutting-edge AI systems designed to understand human behaviors in their online context. 

Of course, quality machine learning adapted to your specific company needs isn’t something you can just buy off the shelf. Developing AI systems involves massive amounts of training data and skilled data management. So while these initiatives are extremely exciting, for now, the best way to drive AI is through quality outsourced talent.  

Helping you scale your business

There’s a reason companies in sectors ranging from media to fintech to AI trust Werkit to delegate critical tasks, reduce their workload and help them accelerate their core business. 

Werkit sources skilled professionals who understand your terminology and have deep experience working in your sector. Our talent is vetted to ensure their work meets the highest standards. And we provide ongoing training and support. 

It is a flexible and cost-efficient way to scale up your operations without compromising on quality.

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