Crowdsourcing can transform the way you achieve complex goals, which can translate into a serious competitive advantage. But can self-managed workers be relied on to deliver results? Is it really possible to drive efficiency while ensuring consistently high-quality outcomes? The short answer is yes, but it requires us to rethink our understanding of crowdsourced work.

It’s the secret to practical crowdsourcing: careful project design that connects skilled workers to the opportunities they need to learn and grow.


The digital economy is nothing if not competitive. Frankly, that competitiveness can be a little intense at times. You need to be faster, leaner, sometimes meaner, and always one step ahead of your competitors. But then, we wouldn’t be in the startup or tech game if we didn’t want to push ourselves to be the best and measure our success against the most innovative players in our respective fields.

And here’s the interesting paradox. You go to an industry event or conference, or you spend some time at a coworking space or an incubator, and the atmosphere doesn’t feel competitive. If anything, these are ecosystems of mutual support. Most people are there to share their knowledge and the best practice they’ve learned through hard work and real-life experience. There’s also a shared sense of enthusiasm; a collective passion for innovating and problem-solving.


That spirit of support also exists within a lot of tech companies. Yes, top management may push employees to deliver more and better and newer. But it’s with the understanding that everyone is on the same team, focusing on a shared vision. We may not all get it 100% right all of the time, but we appreciate that any organization needs a shared ethos or it risks losing direction.

But what about those outside your organization, whose skill and dedication you might potentially rely on? There’s a massive opportunity to deliver results more effectively if we can step outside of the old paradigm.

The initial promise of the ‘gig economy’ was freedom, flexibility, and mobility for all who chose to participate. The reality was too often low paying, low skilled jobs, with unpredictable hours.

But what if we could create a platform for workers to develop their skills and deliver their best work?

Think about it. You need workers with the formal technical training and skills for the job who are looking to develop and grow. Meanwhile, there are people with those very skills who need the opportunity to work, learn and grow.


Practical crowdsourcing starts with a careful plan, breaking down critical elements of a project into manageable functions. For example, some combination of data analysis, image labeling, and data entry.

The next crucial step is finding the right person for the job. But what does the right person mean? Sure, a worker with the necessary skills and commitment. But also someone who is looking to grow their skills and produce consistently high-quality work, at whatever level they’re currently operating.


Werkit sources skilled staff to manage the tasks you assign to them as part of your larger project. It’s more efficient and cost-effective while freeing your in-house team to work on their core roles.

But how do we crowdsource the right talent for the job? Of course, we assess your project goals and match you with workers who have the skills and commitment to drive your project forward.

But that’s only part of the equation. After all, why should crowdsourcing be fundamentally different from hiring a permanent team? 

That’s why we carefully consider your company’s work culture and match you with talent that’s most likely to deliver quality results.

It’s better for you, as you can be assured of consistent, quality deliverables. And it’s much better for workers, who get an opportunity to develop their skills while earning a living.

There’s another vital element. Talent counts for little if you don’t have the infrastructure and support you need to deliver results. That’s why we provide the tools and training workers need to deliver consistent results remotely.

So if you’re looking for talented remote staff who can manage their own deadlines and are self-motivated to provide high-quality work, you need a solution that helps everyone grow together.

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